Skagit County Trends Newsletter


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The Growth Management Act was adopted in 1990 to help manage and accommodate growth and development in all counties across the state of Washington. Under this act, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) develops population projections for each county in Washington, and the counties use these projections to make decisions on growth and development. The population projections and more information can be accessed here.

When the OFM calculates population projections, they use the most recent census data, in this case, they used the 2010 census and they calculate three different projections: low, medium, and high. The low and high projections represent the upper and lower bounds of the population projection, since estimating population can be uncertain.

The medium projection is therefore the most optimal projection and the most likely to occur.

In 2017, OFM put Skagit County's population at 124,100. Using the medium projection, OFM estimates the county's population for 2025 at nearly 138,100. That implies a compounded annual growth rate of about 1.3%. This compares to the projected Washington State rate over the period of 1.2%.

The projected County population for the year 2030 is nearly 147,000, implying a compounded annual growth rate from the present to then at about 1.3%. The similar WA rate is 1.2%.

Make room in Skagit County for 14,000 more people within the next dozen years!