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Thank you for visiting the Skagit County Trends website. The goal for this site is to provide current and relevant data to anyone seeking to learn about the health and prosperity of Skagit County. Our health is determined by a range of personal, social, economic and environmental factors within our community. The first step in creating a healthier community starts with accurate information. We hope you find this site useful to your daily life and that it provides data that will inform decision-making to improve life for all Skagit County people.

Sincerely, members of the Population Health Trust Advisory Committee and Skagit County Public Health


Skagit County Trends is a project of the Population Health Trust Advisory Committee. The Trust seeks to enrich local, private, and public decision-making to improve health and wellbeing by providing current and relevant data in an easy to navigate website. The data provided on this site is offered as neutral information for the consumer to utilize as they see fit.

More specifically, the goals are:

  • Be a community repository for accurate and reliable data
  • Strengthen public awareness about the status of our community
  • Provide a current and unbiased perspective on the health and vitality of Skagit County
  • Stimulate thinking about how to work together to improve quality of life
  • Serve as a catalyst for people and organizations to develop shared goals and outcomes
  • Inspire people to improve the health for ALL

Our Approach
To arrive at this current set of indicators, Trust members in collaboration with the EWU team hosted 8 community focus groups and invited a wide range of partners to review and select the indicators most relevant to Skagit County. Over 150 data stakeholders participated in this open process which has yielded our first community driven data dashboard.

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Skagit County is a good representation of what Western Washington has to offer. We are located on the doorstep of the breathtaking San Juan Islands with vast mountains, pristine lakes, rivers and lush lowlands. With 1,000,000 acres of land, Skagit County provides a high quality place for people to work, live and play. Skagit County is home to over 120,000 residents, including 4 sovereign tribes and a growing Latino population. People are spread out among 8 cities, numerous small towns and a rich rural community. Skagit County is home to a variety of enterprises that include; farming, agriculture, health care, marine technology, fishing, petroleum production, logging and retail. Goods from our area are distributed regionally, nationally and internationally. We are located 60 miles north of Seattle and 55 south of the Canadian border. Skagit County offers a small-town feel, with easy access to metropolitan life.

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0.1.1 Total Population and Annual Growth Rate: Population growth reveals much about a community. Popular communities experience high rates of growth, bringing wanted economic benefits. In many cases, however, growth can also lead to concerns over traffic, the environment and essential services such as education. Locations experiencing slow rates of population growth, or even depopulation, may face fiscal difficulties and a downward spiral of further population loss, especially of their youth. more information